New Home Cash Incentive Program

What is it?

This limited time incentive program has been created to compliment the Friesens New Home Buyer Assistance program by offering $1000 cash toward the purchase of a new home or lot in the Parkland Subdivision.

How do I obtain the $1000?

Step 1 Contact R09 Ltd (Ryan Penner) at 204-770-9591 to learn about the new lot and home options available.

Step 2 Qualify for the Friesens Home Buyer Assistance Program.

Step 3 Sign an offer to purchase with R09 Ltd for a new home or lot

Step 4 $1000 will be provided to your lawyer for use as a downpayment toward the purchase of the new home or lot.

Where is Parkland subdivision?

Parkland subdivision is in the Northwest corner of Altona just south of the Centennial Park and

Millennium Exhibition Center. This residential community offers multiple options for potential home owners of all budgets. Additional information can be found at

What types of homes are available to purchase in Parkland?

The buyer has multiple home options available for consideration in Parkland. The buyer can purchase lots to custom build their own dream home or they can purchase a pre designed home. The attached floor plan is one example of what is currently available. Please contact Ryan Penner for more information.

New Homes for Sale

Starting at $229,785 (excluding taxes & fees).
Parkland has a great selection of new home plans that are a great option for homeowners wanting to build a turnkey new home.

Click the thumbnails for more information.

The 920
The 920
The 1185
The 1185

More designs under development.